Paying Reclassified Retention Amounts

Follow this procedure to clean up retention balances that have been reclassified to current.

This can be done as a zero dollar payment or when you have received payment for the current amount due.
  1. On the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Data Entry Cash Receipts/Adjustment to open the Cash receipts/Adjustment Entry screen.
  2. Enter the Customer code, the Transaction code for payments, the check Reference #, the ABA# if applicable, the check Date (or adjustment date) and the check Amount. The check amount will be zero if you are just "cleaning up" the retention balances and not actually applying a payment. If you are applying a payment, enter the check amount here.
  3. Click the Select button and choose the specific job number you wish to clean up (this works best when doing 1 job at a time).
  4. Choose Auto apply receipt and Apply retention, then click OK twice.
  5. You will see the detailed information on the specified job invoices and payments. You will notice that retention that has been reclassified as current will have a negative retention entry equal to the amounts of the retention on previous invoices. The negative amount has auto-applied itself to the retention field on those invoices and netted the negative and positives.
  6. If you are not applying a payment at this time and are doing a zero dollar check, click OK and update as usual.
  7. If you also had a payment to apply, enter the amount in the Paid/adjusted field on the invoice that is being paid.
  8. Click OK and update as usual.