Understanding the G/L Error Correction screen

The G/L Error Correction screen catches problems in General Ledger transactions.

This screen displays automatically if any errors are encountered during the printing of certain G/L update reports. Use this screen to make any necessary corrections before proceeding with the report printing and update. The errors for current line box helps you locate errors that need correcting, and clicking the Expand button displays the year and period associated with the transaction date.

The posting report states: "G/L account errors have been encountered. All errors must be corrected before proceeding."

If you do not have level 8 security for that module, you will receive an error message. If you do not have adequate security to correct these errors, it is recommended that you review the update report. Searching for the word ERROR will help identify the records in question. You will then need to contact your supervisor for assistance.

Updates with the G/L Error Correction screen:

  • A/P Vendor Invoices / Update
  • A/P Reverse Open Invoice Entry / Update
  • A/P Payments G/L Update
  • A/R Customer Invoice Entry / Update
  • A/R Cash Receipts / Adjustments Entry / Update