Recurring Invoice Report / Update

The Recurring Invoice Report/Update screen can be used in two separate ways: to obtain a listing of the information entered through Recurring Invoice Maintenance, or request an Edit List. To obtain a report and then update information to Invoice Entry, select a Report of items to be processed.

After you preview the report, the update screen displays. Check the report carefully for accuracy before proceeding. One day should be selected each month to run the update (perhaps the first working day of the month). This update will prepare transaction entries in Invoice Entry for items that appear on the report that just printed. When an override terms code is assigned to the contract, assign this code during the update. It will still be necessary to print the invoices, the Sales Journal, and update before these items will display on the customer accounts. You should exit this screen if adjustments need to be made. Changes may be made to any of the items in Invoice Entry prior to updating the batch.

Recurring invoices assigned to a closed contract will be deselected and not included on the Recurring Invoice/Credit Memo Report, and will not generate an A/R invoice.

If the job status is 'Completed' and the 'Disallow revenue entry' checkbox is selected in Job Main Properties, recurring invoices referencing that job will be excluded from this report.

Note: When recurring invoices are updated to Invoice Entry, the bill-to code specified in the Recurring Invoice Entry > Properties window will be transferred.