Draw Request Cost Selection

Use the Draw Request Cost Selection screen to flag costs for the specific draw request application. This will flag records in the Job Cost history file with the application number and will write into the draw request record. Use of this screen will allow you to select and deselect job history records based on cost type, date, phase, and so forth. Total costs will display on-screen.

The software also has a feature for entering memo billings with a billing, for use in cases where costs not yet recognized in Job Cost were included in the Draw Request application. (Reversing memo billings would normally then be recorded in a later application, as the anticipated costs are actually posted to Job Cost.) The Job Cost Analysis Report and Job Cost History Report both offer selections based on customer and draw applications and include a billing option; however, only the Job Cost Analysis Report shows memo billings when printed. When the draw request has been updated to an invoice, you will still be able to associate costs with the billing. However, you will be warned that the billing has already been posted.

Important: If Job Cost history is changed by a void or credit to the same transaction (for example, invoice or payroll check with the same date and distribution), then this adjusted amount won't be reflected on the prior billing amounts.