Draw Request by Percent Markup

Use this screen to include a percent markup for calculating the amount to bill for an item based on the costs associated with the current application. Alternatively, you can enter the amount to be billed, and the percent markup will automatically be calculated. This billing method is intended for use with fixed price contracts only.

In order to perform draw requests by percent markup, you must first enter all valid information in the Draw Request Cost Selection screen. This associates the job cost history records with the particular draw request you are performing. Only billing items on the Draw Request Billing Entry screen will appear on the Draw Request by Percent Markup screen. Also note that if the billing item is blank in the phase file or if there are no costs associated with a billing item for the current application, it will not appear on this screen. Memo billing amounts are not included in the calculations on this screen. Billing items can be added to the phase file at any time. Cost information for the current application will calculate based on the billing item in the phase file at the time billing entry is performed.