Draw Request Cost Selection - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.




Select the acitivity you want: Select, Deselect, Memo Bill or Inquire.When the Memo Bill option is selected, the Memo Billing Entry window will open.


Enter a valid job number.


The customer code associated with the job number displays in this field. If the customer code’s status is set to Not used, then no entry is allowed.

Application #

Enter the application number for this draw request.


Enter the Phase, Cost type, Transaction type, Vendor, Employee and Item code to include on the draw request.

From/to date

Enter the first and last job cost history dates to select, or press Enter to leave blank and print from the earliest to the current AR processing date.


Invalid Item

Click this button to open the Invalid Billing Items Report window.

Pct Markup

Click this button to open the Draw Request by Percent Markup window.


Click this button to view the total costs selected for this draw request.

When the Memo Bill option is selected in the Enter function field, you can then enter memo billings. A memo billing will be used, for example when a piece of equipment was purchased before the billing cut-off date but the invoice had not yet been received. In this case, a memo billing entry could be made to add this to the total cost for this application number for the Job Cost Analysis Report billing format. This memo billing would normally be reversed in the next billing period, since by then the real invoice would have shown up in the actual Job Cost.

When an application number is entered, the memo billing entry screen will display additional fields.