Memo Billing Entry window

Use this window to enter memo billing information for the total on the selected draw request.

A memo billing is useful when, for example, a piece of equipment is purchased before the billing cut-off date, but the invoice has not yet been received. In this case, a memo billing entry could be made to add this to the total cost for this application number. This memo billing would normally be reversed in the next billing period, because by then the real invoice would have shown up in the actual Job Cost. Memo billing amounts will display on the Job Cost Analysis Report when the Billing format is printed and the Include memo billing checkbox is selected.




Line numbers are assigned and maintained by the software.


Enter the job phase code.


Enter the cost type.


Press Enter to accept the default date (the A/R processing date), or enter an alternate date if desired.


Enter a description for this memo billing.


Enter the memo billing amount.

Figure 1. Standard - Draw Request Memo Billings Listing