Building Differing Retention Amounts for Different Draw Request Lines

Complete the following steps to set up a draw request with line-specific retention amounts.

Setting up the contract:

  1. On the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Maintenance > Contract.

  2. At the Job field, enter the job number.

  3. At the Customer code field, enter the customer's code, or press Enter to accept the software default.

  4. Complete the Original contract and Contract date fields.

  5. Click the Details button.

  6. In the Contract Detail window, complete all applicable fields and then click OK until you return to the Site Map.

Setting retention by line item on the draw:

  1. On the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Data Entry > Draw Request.

  2. Complete the Job, Customer, Application, Application date, and Period to fields.

  3. In the grid select the Override retention checkbox.

  4. Complete the Retention % field or the Retention $ field, and then press Enter. Repeat until all special retention amounts have been entered.

  5. Click Save and return to the main menu.