Converting Draw Requests

Most contractors have multiple jobs in progress at the time of conversion from the prior accounting system to Spectrum.

The following steps will assist you in converting draw requests from your original system to Spectrum.
  1. On the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Maintenance > > Contract.
  2. Enter the job number.
  3. Enter the customer code.
  4. Enter the original schedule values for the job in the Contract section of the Contract File Maintenance screen, and then click OK. Repeat this step until all change orders that are to be converted are entered. Click the Details button on the Contracts screen to view these values.
  5. On the Site Map screen, click System Administration > Installation > Accounts Receivable.
  6. Deselect the Create Invoice from Draw Request checkbox, and then click OK.
  7. On the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Data Entry > Draw Requests.
  8. Enter the job number and customer code from the draw request to be converted and then click the Transfer Changes button.
  9. Enter the job code.
  10. Enter the customer code.
  11. Click Continue. This will return you to the Draw Request Billing Entry screen.
  12. Create a draw request in A/R where the application number is equal to the last draw application billed. The 'this period' column will be equal to the JTD billed. The update will create a new application (draw) that now shows the previous application column equal to the amount billed to date. This then gives you the ability to bill this contract via draw request until the end of the contract. Now all you have to do is enter a cash receipt for the amount paid to date.
  13. Click the Update button. The software will automatically create the next draw request.
  14. Enter the batch code.
  15. Click Entry by date to update by entry date; otherwise, click Entry by application number and then click OK.
  16. On the Site Map, click Admin > Installation > AccountsReceivable.
  17. Select the Create invoice from draw request checkbox and then click OK until you return to the main menu.