Draw Request Entry - Cost Center Information

If the cost center feature is enabled in the Enterprise Installation screen, the Draw Request Billing Entry screen displays the cost center assigned to the draw request. This field associates the draw request with a particular cost center. No changes to the cost center are permitted.

When a new draw request is added in Draw Request Billing Entry, the cost center will default from the contract and cannot be overwritten by the operator. Spectrum will also default the detail cost center information from the contract detail.

When editing, viewing, or deleting draw requests, Spectrum compares the cost center assigned to the job and contract with cost centers in the operator's assigned scheme; if the cost center is not present, then that job's draw request is not shown.

In the Details portion of the screen, if the operator adds a new detail line the cost center will default from the contract cost center and may not be changed. Spectrum verifies that the G/L account code entered, if applicable, is valid for the line cost center.

All detail lines are displayed when the operator has authorization to access the draw request, but changes are not permitted to billing item lines that the operator is not authorized to access.