Print Draw Request Billing

This screen is used to print draw requests. When draw requests are printed, billings print on two or more screens for each job: the header sheet summarizes the billing, subsequent screens show detail.

Print Draw Request Billing and reports for unit price contracts use the default unit price and quantity display masks from Contracts. This is useful in designating how unit price and quantity figures display on these reports, on a line-by-line basis, particularly when tracking very large or very small amounts. Draw requests may be printed in either of the two standard AIA formats. Tax instructions entered in Tax Classification File Maintenance prints on both versions of this report. In addition, the General Contractor format of the draw request will include comments applicable to this job. The expanded formats and the Crystal-Link reports print the retainage amounts and memo fields for every line. Line item retention shown on the detail screens of the draw request is calculated to the nearest penny on each line. The total retention is calculated by summing the completed-to date for all items that do not contain a retention override. The summary retention percentage is then applied, and the product is rounded to the nearest penny. The software then computes the retention override for each marked item, rounds the amount to the nearest penny, and adds it to the retention total.

Note: The draw request and subcontract billing reports will open on separate tabs.