Reversing a Draw Request

When you reverse the last posted draw request for a customer, the software will issue a credit memo for that application number.

The application number(s) following the draw request you reversed will be deleted. The application which is reversed will then be considered the "current period" by the software.

When you reverse a draw request application that was not the most recently issued application for that job, you must reverse all draw requests occurring after the draw request you want to reverse. For example, if you have five application numbers issued for a particular job, and you want to reverse application number three, you must first reverse application number five, and then application number four, before you can reverse application number three. Once you have reversed application number three, you must then add applications four and five back to the software.

  1. On the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Data Entry > Draw Request.
  2. Click the Reverse button.
  3. In the Reverse Last Draw Request screen, complete the Job and Customer fields.
  4. In the Application field, enter the number of the draw request that is to be reversed.
  5. Complete the G/L date and Batch code fields and then click Preview. Do not select the Clear current period amounts checkbox.
  6. In the Sales Journal Update screen, review the selection options and then click Preview.
  7. After reviewing the listing, click Continue.
  8. After the update has run, on the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Data Entry > Draw Request.
  9. In the Draw Request Billing Entry screen, make the appropriate changes to the draw.
  10. Click the Preview button.
  11. In the Print Draw Request Billing screen, Preview a copy of the updated draw request. Review the draw request for accuracy.
  12. Click the Update button.