Transfer Change Orders to Draw Request

Use this screen to create new billing items for each Executed change order or appends existing billing items. Change orders that should not yet appear on draw requests should be left clear before exiting the screen.

When a transfer is made, the application number will be saved so that it can be used to restore change order and change request information to previously reversed draw requests. Once a change order or change request has been transferred to a draw request, it is not available for further modification or for transferring to other draw request applications, even if the application it is transferred to has been reversed and is no longer available. Date protection for change requests and change orders on the draw must be on or before the Period to date on the Draw Request Billing Entry screen in order for the draw to appear on this screen. If change orders or change requests have already been transferred, then the Period to date on the Draw Request Entry screen may not be set earlier than the change request/change order approval date.

If there are change orders with executed dates that are past the current draw request's period to date, the following message displays: Warning - Change Orders Later Than 'Period To' Date Are Not Shown.