Transfer Change Orders to Draw Request - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.




Enter a job number, or press Enter to include ALL.


Enter a customer code, or press Enter to include ALL. The customer code and name associated with the selected job number displays in the grid.

Owner CO

Click this link to open the selected row in a new tab.

Details grid


The selected job numbers and descriptions will display in the grid.

Owner CO #

The selected owner change order/change request numbers display in the grid. The description displays to the right of this field.


Select this checkbox if you want to include the selected change order/change request in the update to the draw request. This field allows you to control which change orders/change requests are transferred on an individual basis and is left clear by default to help prevent unintentional updates to the draw request.


The status of the change order display in this field.


The change order origination date and change request submitted date display in this field.


The date the change order/change request was approved displays in this field.

Unbilled revenue

The unbilled revenue amount displays in this field.