Pre-Billing Quantity Entry

Use the Pre-Billing Quantity Entry to enter in daily billing quantities for each billing item by contract. The quantities can be reported on an edit listing and update to the monthly draw request bill for posting to Accounts Receivable and General Ledger. A history report can also be generated. Pre-billing Quantity Entry provides the ability to record both Engineering and Actual quantities for comparison purposes.

This screen allows for multiple batches to be run for the same job. This is used mainly for Unit Price jobs, but can also be used for Fixed, Cost-plus, or Time + Material jobs.

In the Pre-Billing Quantity Entry screen, transactions can be entered by batch code (no default) and date (default is current AR processing date). The transaction file allows multiple entries for the same billing item by entering transactions with different dates. Both Actual and Engineering quantities may be recorded in this screen. Quantities are entered either for "this period" or "job-to-date" based on settings chosen on the Accounts Receivable Installation > Draw Request tab.

The batch code window shows all outstanding batches with the batch code, job, customer, and the number of transactions. The lump sum (LS) items work like the Sub-Billing screen where the percent completed is entered, there is a drop down field to view or change the dollar amount. If the dollar amount is changed, the percent completed also changes. For unit price lines, the dollar amount is for display purposes only. The line items show the lump sum (LS) but not the group code. The billing item is the full ten digits.