Pre-Billing Quantity Update

Once the Pre-Billing Quantity Journal has run, the following update screen displays. The software updates the draw request with the Engineering or Actual quantities depending on which quantity type (A or E) was selected specified at the Update quantity entries to draw option on the Accounts Receivable Installation > Draw Request tab.

The quantities and/or lump sum (LS) dollar amounts will be posted to the current unposted draw request for each job/customer selected. If the quantity is set for "this period", then these amounts are added to the amounts that are already recorded in the draw request. If the quantity is set up for "job-to-date", then the last quantity entered based on the entry date is posted to the job-to-date quantity field in the Draw Request Billing Entry screen and the current quantity is recalculated. In addition, the application number and the application date of the current draw is posted for the transactions and the transactions are flagged as posted.