Using Pre-Billing Quantity Entry

The Pre-Bill Quantity feature is used to track and report discrepancies in unit price contracts on a day-to-day basis.

This tool is especially useful if your customers report billing quantities on a daily basis, as in actual quantities versus engineering quantities (for example, you might perform this daily reporting for the Department of Transportation). Note that cost quantity is not updated through this procedure – only billing quantities are updated.
Important: This procedure only applies to unit price contracts.
  1. On the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Data Entry > Pre-Billing Quantity.
  2. At the Job field, enter the job number to which you are pre-billing quantities.
  3. At the Customer field, enter the code for the customer for whom you are pre-billing quantities.
  4. At the Batch code field, enter the pre-billing quantity batch from which this job and customer will be billed.
  5. At the Bill item field, enter the billing group and then billing item code for the pre-billing quantity entry.
  6. Continue entering billing item information in the line transaction, including the item's description, unit of measure (if applicable) and date.
    Note: This transaction file allows multiple entries for the same billing item by recording different dates.
  7. At the Type field, enter E for engineering or A for actual. For actual quantity entry, the cursor will then move to the actual column. For engineering quantity entry, the cursor will move to the engineering column.
  8. At the Actual this period field (or Engineering this period field, if you entered E in the Type field), enter the actual pre-billing percentage amount for the billing item and press Enter.
  9. Repeat step 8 for each billing item. Once you have entered all of the pre-billing quantities for the selected contract, click OK.
    Note: Click the Expand button to display the bid quantity and the calculated dollar amount based on the actual pre-billing dollar amount you've entered.
  10. Click the Update button to display the Pre-Billing Quantity Journal screen.
  11. Make your update selections in the Dates, Selections, Entry Type, and Format sections of the screen.
    Note: When selecting the format to print, note that while both reports can be run, the pre-billing quantity entries will only post to the general ledger if Print journal and link to update is selected.
  12. Click the Print button to print a report of pre-billing quantity entries. Review the report for accuracy. If any errors exist, return to the Pre-Billing Quantity Entry screen and make any necessary changes.
  13. The Pre-Billing Quantity Update screen displays. To update the current, unposted draw request billings with the actual pre-billing quantity information, select Continue.
    Note: The selected transactions will also be flagged as Posted for later reporting using the Billing Quantity History Report screen.
  14. Click OK to return to the Site Map.

    To print a listing of billing information item-by-item, click Accounts Receivable > Reports > Billing Quantity History.