Accounts Receivable Invoice Inquiry - Field descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



View in Local Currency

This button only displays if Multi-Currency processing is being used. When a ‘local currency’ is assigned to the invoice, the inquiry window will state the reporting currency in the title line of the Financials box in the heading. The ‘View’ button displays the local currency of the transaction and opens a sub-window showing invoice totals in the local currency.

Invoice heading

The batch code, customer code, job code, invoice # and type, G/L date, invoice date and Customer P.O. display in this section.

  • Click the Customer code hyperlink to display the Customer Main Properties in a new tab.

  • Click the Job code hyperlink to display the Job Main Properties in a new tab.

  • Click the Work Order link to display the Work Order Financial Summary in a new tab to view financial info for the work order associated with the invoice. This link will only be available if the invoice originated from Work Order processing.

More Info

Click this button to open the More Invoice Information to view additional info for this invoice.


Click this button to open the Cash Receipts Check Detail window window to look up all of the items paid on a selected check.

Internal Notes

Click this button to display date-stamped note entries for a specific invoice.


Click this button to view and edit invoice user-defined fields.


Click this button to display any images associated with the invoice.

Outstanding balance

The current outstanding balance for the invoice will display in the upper right-hand corner of this window.

If the invoice hasn't been posted yet, this field will be a hyperlink labeled Unposted transaction. Click this link to open the invoice.


The sum of the taxable and non-taxable line transactions, sales tax and invoice total amounts, and retention percentage display in this section.

If VAT processing is being used, the VAT tax code, amount, Holdback VAT and Holdback PST amounts will also display here.