Simplifying the Billing Process

Billing can be simplified in Spectrum whether you are performing multiple jobs for the same client or performing the same job for multiple clients.

The process of streamlining these processes in Spectrum is outlined below.

Multiple Jobs for the Same Client

To simplify the billing process for multiple jobs contracted with a single client, simply set up routine draw request billings on the Accounts Receivable > Data Entry > Draw Request Billing Entry screen.

Otherwise, if you do not have invoicing automatically set up in through draw request processing, you can choose to set up a recurring invoice in Accounts Receivable > Data Entry > Recurring Invoice Maintenance.

Multiple Clients for the Same Job

This situation can arise if you are a subcontractor working on a job where the original contract for the job is associated with the General Contractor. While you are working at the job site, the owner (in other words, the General Contractor's customer) asks you to perform a task for him or her. Under these circumstances, you may want to bill the owner directly instead of the General Contractor.

Simplifying the billing process under these circumstances is as easy as creating two contracts for the same job in Accounts Receivable > Maintenance > Contracts . This will combine the total revenue onto the Contract Status Report. As for assigning costs, you can simply use your existing set of phase codes for all associated costs. Otherwise, you can opt to bill for extra work by creating special phase codes use exclusively to track any extra work performed.

Note: When working in Job Cost, if there are multiple contracts for a single job, you will see the word *MULTIPLE* after the first customer's name.