Assigning a Customer to a Job that is Already Set Up

Once you have determined whether you are adding a customer to a one contract or multiple contract job, following the appropriate procedure below.

Normally, a customer is assigned to a job when a job is added to the Spectrum system. When this occurs, the software automatically establishes a contract for this relationship in Accounts Receivable Contracts.

In some instances, it may be necessary to add a customer to an existing job where there was not one already assigned. Before continuing this process, you must first determine if this is a job with only one contract.

Note: If this is a Time + Material job, you must also add the T+M billing contract using Job Billing Maintenance.
  1. On the Site Map, click Job Cost > Jobs.
  2. Click the Properties button.
  3. At the Job field, enter the job to which you are adding a customer.
  4. Click the Properties button.
  5. At the Customer code field, enter the customer code for the customer you are adding.
    Note: If you are adding a customer to a job that has been previously set up with multiple customer contracts, first select which customer will be designated as primary at the Customer code field in the software in the Jobs > Properties window. If you do not want to designate a primary customer for the job, leave the Customer code field blank in Jobs > Properties. If multiple customers, those job inquiries and reports with multiple contracts in the software will appear marked with an asterisk (*). Note that job contracts cannot be set up in Contracts if there is not a primary customer designated to the job
  6. Click OK until you return to the Site Map.
  7. Click Accounts Receivable > Maintenance > Contracts.
  8. Enter the Customer code.
  9. At the Job code field, enter the job number to which you have updated the customer in Job Cost.
  10. The job now has a new primary customer attached to it. Click OK twice to return to the Site Map.