The Contracts screen will display a list of contracts associated with the customer.

By default, open contracts associated with active and inactive jobs, plus any contracts with a non-zero open balance will display in this listbox. Once established, contracts track specific jobs for each customer, including amounts billed and collected, retention, sales tax, and discounts taken. It is also used in tracking change orders.

When a job is set up in the Job Cost module, this screen will automatically be completed by the software, provided that a customer code was entered as the job was added.

When a contract is set up for a job, it is important to determine the invoicing method to be used. If a specific contract will be billed through draw requests, it is important that all invoicing for the contract be done through Draw Request Billing Entry; Invoice Entry should not be used for a contract being invoiced through draw requests. These decisions should be made before the first billing is initiated.

Cost Center Information

If cost centers are enabled in Enterprise Installation for the current company, the software will verify the operator has permission for the selected job.