Cash Receipts/Adjustment Entry

Use the Cash Receipts/Adjustment Entry screen to enter cash receipts. For ease of entry, it may also be used to make adjustments to customer accounts. Use this window to select criteria for including invoices and credit memos in the receipt process. You can also choose from a variety of options to be automatically applied to the receipt process.

All open item transactions for the customer will appear in the distribution portion of the screen. If a job number is designated, only items relating to that job will appear. Otherwise, individual invoice numbers being paid can be entered. If you want to display all invoices for the selected customer, click the Items with open balancebutton.

  • Transactions entered here are stored in a temporary transaction file. As with the Sales Journal, transactions may be changed or deleted before the update is run; after updating, new transactions must be entered to correct any errors.

  • If a deposit is received from a customer at any time in advance of recording the invoice, it is possible to simply exit the screen after completing the heading portion of Cash Receipts Entry. This will result in an unapplied credit on the customer's account.

  • When a payment on account is recorded in this screen for a specific job but is not applied to any particular invoice (for example, if you receive a deposit), the receipt will be reflected in the Balance due display in Contract Detail Inquiry and Contracts.

Cash Receipts Flow Chart