Change Order Entry

Use this screen to add or edit executed change orders for a contract.

Once change orders are entered, the status of the change order may be changed using this log. To lookup change order information, use Change Order Log. This screen is also used to change the status of an existing change order.

You should not normally enter estimates for phases entered "on the fly" in this screen, as the software will duplicate estimates for phases previously entered in the Phases screen when the change order status is changed from proposed to approved to executed. Enter phase estimates either in the Phases screen or in this screen, but not both. There are two different types of change orders: Unit Cost and Fixed Price (non-unit) Cost. Whether a contract is fixed or unit pricing is determined on the Contract Main Properties screen. If the Use unit pricing checkbox for the specified contract is selected on this screen, the change order is unit priced. If the Use unit pricing checkbox is left clear, the specified change order is fixed price.

If Executed change orders are entered, the revised contract amount for this contract is updated automatically. When entered in this screen, Approved and Executed change orders are updated to the Contracts screen. Change orders that have been moved from Proposed are also updated.

Important: Before entering change orders, it is recommended that allocation of the estimated costs for the change order have already been determined. This will facilitate entry in the lower portion of the screen as dollar amounts are applied to their appropriate phases. Otherwise, 100% profit may be recorded and $0.00 to a phase; another option is to put the estimate to an unallocated phase until detailed estimate information is available.New entries or any changes are not committed until the 'Save' button is clicked. Up until that time, you can click 'Cancel' and all of the entry will be erased.Also, to prevent accidental deletions of project records, if you do not have security to delete in Change Order and Change Request Entry, then the Delete button is not visible.