Draw Request Entry

Complete the Draw Request Entry screen at the beginning of each job to specify the items that should appear on the job's draw requests.

Subsequent draw requests will be automatically created by the software when the Update Draws to Invoice Entry is performed; you need only enter either the dollar amount to be billed or the new job-to-date completion percentage.

When setting up the initial draw request for a contract, it is important to verify that the total scheduled value entered is equal to the contract amount. Draw Request Entry and reports for unit price contracts use the default unit price and quantity display masks from Contracts. This is useful in designating how unit price and quantity figures appear on these reports, on a line-by-line basis, particularly when tracking very large or very small amounts.

Note about Draw Request Workflows

If the Workflow module is installed and active in this company, a workflow menu displays at the top of the info bar to guide you through the process of adding a new draw request.

  • The Currently Assigned To You section will show any draw request workflows that are currently open and require approval. Click the tooltip icon to search current workflow assignments and switch to a different draw request.

  • If the workflow is overdue, the Due by date will be highlighted in red.

  • The Workflow info bar will display a short description of this step and instructions for this screen.

  • Click the tooltip icon to review history and add notes to this workflow.

Add draw request details and approve or reject the draw request to continue with the update. Incomplete workflows will continue to display on the My Current Workflow Assignments dashboard app until completed.

Note: If a draw request has been added an error, use the Delete Draw Requests screen to remove the draw request.