Draw Request Processing

Review the following steps for Draw Request Processing.

One-time steps, as necessary, for each job:
Steps for creating a draw request for a new job:
  • ________Ensure that billing items were entered in Contracts.

  • ________Create the initial billing in Draw Request Billing Entry, selecting the "Create detail from draw request master (contract detail) file?" checkbox. Follow steps for processing subsequent draw requests.

Processing subsequent draw requests:
  • ________Print draw request worksheets for project managers.

  • ________Update the status of change orders to Approved and Executed, as appropriate. Executed change order information will transfer to the Draw Request Entry screen. Change orders for a job will be added to the current draw request application, and will appear on subsequent draw requests.

  • ________Enter current period draw request dollar values or job-to-date completion percentages using Draw Request Billing Entry.

  • ________Review summary information for draw requests using Summary Billing Entry. This screen also provides the flexibility for entry of retainage and sales tax, if needed.

  • ________Print draw request billings.

  • ________Run the Update Draws to A/R Invoice update to transfer draw requests to Invoice Entry; this procedure will also create the next draw request application if desired.

  • ________Transferred draw request applications will be considered unposted invoices by the software until invoices are updated. The Accounts Receivable Installation screen flag requiring invoices to be printed before they post is irrelevant for purposes of this function; draws are neither printed nor unprinted, but have their own "X" status.

Billing for retention:
  • ________On the final draw request of the job, change the retention percentage to zero in Summary Billing Entry.