Contract Open Items

The Contract Open Items screen will display a list of contract invoices that are updated, but not yet fully paid. In addition, this screen will also provide options to show contract items that are not yet updated, including unposted draw requests in progress.



Total open

The amount in this field represents the total of values displayed in the Balance due column.


Click this button to view more information about the selected invoice:

  • If the selected invoice originated from A/R, the Accounts Receivable Invoice Inquiry window opens.

  • If the selected invoice originated from O/P, the Order Processing Invoice Inquiry screen opens.

  • If the selected invoice is an unposted draw request and the Operator has the appropriate security authorization, the Draw Request Entry screen opens.

Internal notes

Click this button to open the Internal Invoice Notes window to display date-stamped note entries for a specific customer invoice.


Select the invoice statuses top display from the following options:

  • Open items (updated)

  • Unposted draw requests

  • Unposted A/R invoices