Contract Payment History

Use the Contract Payment History screen to display a list of payments from the customer for this contract.



Total paid

This amount represents the total of values displayed in the 'Paid amount' column.


Click this button to view more information about the selected invoice:

  • If the selected invoice originated from A/R, the Accounts Receivable Invoice Inquiry window opens.

  • If the selected invoice originated from O/P, the Order Processing Invoice Inquiry screen opens.

Internal notes

Click this button to open the Invoice and Collection Notes window to display date-stamped note entries for a specific customer invoice.

Invoice image

Click this hyperlink to view images added during Cash Receipts / Adjustments Entry. You can also add images to payments by clicking this hyperlink.


Select the invoice status from the following options:

  • Open items (updated)

  • Unposted draw requests

  • Unposted A/R invoices