Contract Main Properties

Use the Contract Main Properties screen to enter general information about the contract, including contract amount, contract details and contract status.



Customer code

The selected customer code displays in this field.

Job code

The selected job code displays in this field.

Note: If you attempt to open a job that another Spectrum user has open in Job Cost > Jobs, Spectrum will not allow you to access the job until the other user has exited it in the Job Cost module.

Contract amount

Original contract

Enter the original contracted dollar amount. This amount should not include sales tax.


The executed + approved change order amount displays.

Revised contract

The revised contract amount before sales tax (original contract amount plus net executed change orders and change requests) displays.

Click the hyperlink to open the Financial Summary screen for this contract. Click the drop-down button to open the Contract Profit Summary screen.

Contract details

Contract date

Enter the date of this contract.


Enter the salesperson code for this contract.


Enter the architect for this contract, if applicable.

Use unit pricing?

Select this checkbox if this contract is billed per unit of work completed, otherwise leave the checkbox clear. Entry in this field determines the format of the Draw Request Billing Entry screen and the Schedule of Values screen.

Draw request text

Enter any text that pertains to the draw request. Entry in this field is optional. Any text entered in the field displays on the first screen of the Draw Request in the Contract For field.

Internal comments

Enter up to two lines of comments regarding the selected contract. Any text entered this is included on the Contract File Listing. Entry in this field is optional.

Contract contacts

Add contact

Click this button to add an existing vendor contact to this contract. The contact will automatically be associated with the customer and job.

If you wish to add a new contact, click the New button to open the New Contact window.


Click this button to edit the selected vendor contact. If an employee contact is selected, no editing is allowed except for additional phone numbers.

Assign to job

Click this button to associate the selected contact to this job.