The Customers screen is used to enter and maintain name, address and other information for each customer billed through the Accounts Receivable system. Before entering customer information, it is necessary that the Sales Tax Code Maintenance and Terms Code File Maintenance codes be established.

It is possible to delete customers, but care should be taken when deleting records. Any alternate addresses that reference the customer will be removed from the address file upon deletion of the customer. Customers with open balances may not be removed. Even after payment has been received-in-full, it may be undesirable to delete the customer until online history of those transactions is no longer needed.

This screen also displays a list of all open invoices, payment history, remarks, and change orders for each contract, as well as an aging summary analysis. This screen provides a fast and efficient method of inquiring about the status of any contract in the Accounts Receivable module.

If a notebook icon displays in the list box, this signals that collection notes are attached. If a paperclip icon displays, this signals that an image file is attached.