Customer Financial Summary

The Customer Financial Summary screen will display summary invoicing, payment history information for the customer, including current outstanding balance in aged format. This screen will also display the current number of open contracts and the number of active sites for the customer.



Find Invoice

Click this button to quickly find invoices. If an invoice is found, a hyperlink will display next to the invoice number to open either the Customer Open Items or Customer Payment History screens. If an un-updated invoice is found in Open Items, the status of the invoice (Unapproved, Unposted draw, or Unposted A/R) will also display.

Customer code

Enter the customer code you wish to inquire on in this field. The customer name will display to the right of this field.


Current/past due

The current balance due and outstanding overdue balances display in these fields.

Total current due

The total amount of the current and outstanding overdue balances displays in this field.

Retention/holdback balance

The retention or holdback portion of the balance due displays in this field.

Total balance due

The sum of the total current due and retention or holdback balance displays in this field.

This item will link to the Open Items screen if the Operator has security permission to do so.

Credit info


The customer's current status (Active, Inactive, or Not used) displays in this field.

Last bill date

The date of the last invoice for this customer will displays in this field.

Last payment date

The date of the most recent customer payment displays in this field.

Date established

The date this customer's was first entered into the software displays in this field.


The default salesperson for this customer displays in this field.

Credit limit

The credit limit for this customer displays, if applicable.

Average days to pay

The average number of days that the customer took to pay displays. It is calculated by averaging the number of days to pay among all items stored in the Payment History file for the customer.


Open contracts

The total number of contracts associated with Active and Inactive jobs for this customer that have a non-zero balance display in this field.

This item will link to the Contracts screen if the Operator has security permission to do so.

Active sites

The total number of Active sites for this customer display in this field.

History totals

History totals

History totals are accumulated balances of invoices, payments and discounts updated since the last period end clear was executed using MTD, YTD, Retention and Last year amounts.

This Payments line will link to the Payment History screen if the Operator has security permission to do so.