Add an Alternate Billing Address

Use the following procedure to add an alternate billing address for the customer.

  1. Click the New button.

  2. The bill-to code will default to the next available number, but a different code can be entered here if desired.

  3. Enter a bill-to name for the customer.

  4. Enter a telephone number, fax number and bill-to address for the customer.

  5. Enter a bill-to contact name for the customer.

  6. Enter an email address for the contact specified above. Click the email icon to the right of this field to send a message to the specified contact.

  7. Enter any remarks about this customer bill-to address.

  8. Select a status for this bill-to address: Active or InactiveNote: Inactive bill-to addresses will not appear in searches, though any bill-to address can be assigned to customers.