Customer Contacts

The Customer Contacts screen displays contacts currently set up for the customer. Contact-specific information including remarks and attributes will display beneath the list box.



Add contact

Click this button to add an existing vendor contact to this customer. If you wish to add a new contact, click this button to open the New Contact window.


Click this button to edit the selected vendor contact. If an employee contact is selected, no editing is allowed except for additional phone numbers.

Set as Primary

The primary contact will be noted by a check mark in the list box. Click this button to change the selected contact to primary.


Click this button to change the status of the highlighted contact to no longer affiliated with this customer.

Select a Contact and click the Remove button if you wish to disassociate the Contact from this customer. The Remove button sets the status of the customer contacts to 'No longer affiliated' on a contact-by-contact basis. The link to the organization is preserved, but records are not shown in lists unless requested using the Status filter.


To Re-instate a Contact (after you have removed it), you need to change the status to include 'No longer affiliated?'. Then the Remove button changes to 'Re-instate' and clicking on this adds the Contact back to the customer.