Customer Cost Centers

The Customer Cost Centers screen allows you to indicate whether the customer is available for all cost centers, or for a specified list of cost centers. This screen will only display if the cost center feature is enabled in the Enterprise Installation screen.

Highlight cost centers and then use the Select and Deselect buttons to move cost centers to and from the Available <cost center > codes list and the Assigned <cost center > codes list.



Cost center

ALL will display here if the customer is shared among all cost centers. If the customer is not available to all cost centers, the list of assigned cost centers with user-defined labels displays (as designated by clicking the Edit button).


A brief description of the cost center displays.

Edit button

Click this button to open the <Cost Centers> Maintenance window, where the user-defined cost center label is used for the window name. Use the Select/Deselect buttons to create a list of valid cost centers that will be assigned to the specified customer.

Customer is shared among all cost center codes?

This prompt displays when the Edit button is clicked. If this checkbox is selected, the contents of the <Cost Centers> Maintenance window are hidden.