Tracking Department of Transportation (DOT) Codes

The benefit to setting up DOT codes is that it enables the software to automatically default the alternate billing description unit price when entering a code for an Accounts Receivable contract.

Department of Transportation (DOT) codes are set up as unit price billing items.

This procedure is most useful for companies who work with the DOT more than once; for example, when there is an established contract with the DOT. Additionally, if you is working in multiple states, then set up the contracts individually on a state-by-state basis. If you are billing the DOT only once, it is not necessary to set up DOT billing codes. Instead, simply enter the code manually in the Accounts Receivable > Contracts > Details window. This code can then be copied to the draw detail.

Important: This procedure applies to Unit Price contracts only.
  1. On the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Maintenance > Unit > Billing Item.
  2. At the Customer code and Job fields, enter the appropriate data pertaining to the DOT code you are setting up and press Enter.
  3. At the Billing item field, enter the billing item code you want to assign for Department of Transportation billing events and the press Enter.
  4. At the Description field, enter a brief description (up to 20 characters) of the DOT billing code you are adding to the software and then press Enter.
  5. At the Um field, enter the unit of measure for this billing item (for example, "FT" for "feet").
  6. At the Unit price field, enter the default unit price for the DOT billing item you are adding to the software.
  7. Click OK twice to return to the Site Map.

    The DOT billing item code is now set up in the software for use when entering billing information for the Department of Transportation through Pre-Billing Quantity Entry.