Unit Of Measure File Maintenance - Field Descriptions

The New/Edit Unit of Measure window allows you to set up a standard description and price type associated with each unit of measure. The price types correspond to the price types used in Job Cost: Fixed, Unit, Time + Material, and Cost-Plus. The unit of measure can then conveniently default the price type when setting up new phases, and when determining the price method for billing items (fixed or unit price). If the unit of measure is set up in this file, then only units of measure with the price type U are treated as Unit price. All others are considered Fixed price.

This window can also be used to provide consistency in the wording of unit-of-measure descriptions.



Unit of measure code

The Unit of measure code is the key field for the Unit of Measure File Maintenance. This code is used to distinguish one unit of measure from all other units of measure in the file.

Enter a unique unit of measure code. This code can then be referenced in the Job Cost module.


Enter the full description for this unit of measure. Whenever this unit-of-measure is selected, the description entered here will print on the billing/draw request.

Price method

Select the price method for this unit of measure:

  • Time + material

  • Cost plus

  • Fixed price

  • Unit price


This checkbox only appears if the price method selected above is Time + Material or Cost Plus.