Clear Zero Balance Items

Use the Clear Zero Balance Items screen to print a report showing all invoices and payments that have been fully applied and are ready to be removed from the Accounts Receivable Aged Open Items Report. All zero balance items that appear on the report will be cleared when the update is performed. Unpaid invoices are stored in the Open file, and payments / adjustments are stored in the History file.

This update also deletes unmatched invoices and credit memos in the open item file shown in the Customers and Contracts screen, as long as they contain the same invoice number and amount. When these items are removed, a history record is created in the same way as if they had been matched in Cash Receipts / Adjustments Entry. Running this update will not clear any historical information.

Invoices that are fully paid will remain in the Open Items file of the Accounts Receivable system until this choice is run for the appropriate date. Open invoices and unapplied payments are not removed until they are closed, regardless of date.

Important: Make a backup before records are removed from the software.