Clear Zero Balance Items Update

This update should be run on a regular basis according to your company's needs. For example, larger companies may opt to run this on a monthly basis while mid-size companies may prefer to run it on a quarterly basis. Completing this update helps to keep the number of open invoices from becoming too large to navigate quickly. Do not continue until the Clear Zero Balance Items Report has printed correctly. Once it has printed and is accurate, continue with the update.

Many companies prefer to run this update after the statements have been printed so they can see which customers have been paid. However, if you receive a returned/non-sufficient funds check after running the update, you will be unable to open the associated invoice, so in some cases it may be best to run this at more lengthy intervals.

Unpaid invoices are stored in the Open file and payments/adjustments are stored in the History file. Running this update will clear any items in your Open file that have zero balances. This includes items in the Open invoice section of the Customers screen, payments and credits previously applied, as well as invoice and credits that net to zero on the Aged Open Items Report.

Running this update will not purge any historical information. To purge information appearing in the History list of the Customers screen and on the Cash Receipts G/L Distribution Report, perform the Purge Payment History update instead.