Change Request Pricing/Profit Reports

The Change Request Pricing / Profit Reports screen is used to print pricing information related to a specific job.

Use the fields on this screen to specify the type of pricing information you want to print on the report.

The Change Request Profit Detail Report shows detailed revenue, contractor, and subcontractor pricing information, along with the estimated profit amounts and percentages for each change request. The total price of each change request is broken out by up to five cost types. If the Project Management module is implemented, these detail reports can optionally include project documents and notes related to the change requests. This report shows one line per change request, with the costs broken out by up to five cost types. It also shows the total revenue amount, profit, and profit percentage for each change request.

Note: The days past due will continue to calculate even after the change request is Approved or Executed.

Change Request Profit Detail

Change Request Pricing Detail

Change Request Profit Summary