Pricing Defaults for Contract Changes

Use this screen to set up pricing defaults for contracts and jobs. When a new contract is created, pricing add-ons will default from the Pricing Add-On Maintenance screen. When a new change request is created, add-on codes from the contract will default. And when a new change order is created, only the add-ons from the associated change request will default.

Changes made on this page will not automatically update markups, add-ons or fees on existing change requests and change orders. These changes will only be used on a go forward basis, and will default on new change requests and change orders created subsequent to modifications made on this screen.




Enter a customer code in this field.


Select a job for the specified customer.

Contract fee

Enter a contract fee percentage in this field. This field will default to zero for new contracts.

Markup %

Cost type

Existing cost types and descriptions will default in these fields. Cost types are set up in Job Cost > Cost Type File Maintenance.

Markup %

Specify a markup percentage for the selected cost type. It is OK to leave the percentage as zero, but negative entries are not allowed.

Contract add-ons

Add Code

Click this button to open the Search Pricing Add-ons window to select pricing add-ons created in the Pricing Add-ons Maintenance screen.


Click this button to edit the selected add-on. The following fields on the Edit Pricing Add-on window can be edited:

  • If the calculation method is Fixed, edit the Fixed markup value, Phase code for the job, and/or Cost type for the phase code.

  • If the calculation method is Percent, edit the Markup %, Phase code for the job, and/or Cost type for the phase code.


Click this button to remove the selected add-on from the listbox.