Cash Management

The Cash Management module provides the contractor with an efficient method of tracking and maintaining cash assets.

It is fully integrated with the Accounts Payable, Payroll, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger modules to automatically accumulate all cash-related transactions during routine daily processing. It can handle multiple bank accounts for both Accounts Payable and Payroll payment processing and automatically records deposits entered in Accounts Receivable.

At period-end, Cash Management provides the ability to reconcile each bank statement to the General Ledger cash account balances. An option is provided to import a record of cleared checks from a user-defined ASCII file produced by the contractor's bank. Interest earnings, services changes and other miscellaneous adjustments included on the bank statement are conveniently recorded during reconcilement, and these transactions can automatically be updated to the General Ledger.

The Cash Management module also offers the ability to do wire transfers to and from third parties and among company bank accounts. It also allows direct checks to be written from this module and posted to the General Ledger cash account. This is particularly useful when an Accounts Payable liability is not required, such as for payroll tax deposits, permit checks and other direct payments.