Direct Checks Register

The Direct Check Register prints a list of checks recorded in Direct Check Entry since the last update. It is followed by an update screen.

If the check amount and total distribution amounts are not equal when the operator clicks the update button, an Out-of-Balance window appears. If this window appears, the user is given the option to continue editing the check, or to delete the entire check. Click Continue editing check to return to the Direct Check screen to edit it, or click Delete entire check to discard the information and return to the Direct Check screen.
  1. Enter the bank account code.
  2. Enter the check number, or press Enter to accept the default of ALL.
  3. Click Preview.
  4. After the report is printed, the Direct Check Update screen appears confirming that continuing will post the transactions to General Ledger and add the transactions as open items in the reconciliation.
    Important: This report should be retained as a permanent audit record of the company.