Recording a Direct Check

Learn how to record payments made immediately to the payee, instead of waiting for the next standard check run.

Note: This process bypasses the 1099 History/Vendor Payment History file.
  1. On the Site Map screen, click Cash Management > Data Entry > Direct Checks.
  2. In the Bank account field, manually enter the code for the bank account that the money is coming from or press Enter to accept code that defaults from the Cash Management Installation screen.
  3. In the Check # field, enter the direct check's number; otherwise press Enter to accept the software default of the next available check number, which comes from the Bank Account Maintenance screen.
  4. In the G/L transaction date field, enter the processing date or the date you want the check to update to the General Ledger.
  5. In the Pay to the order of field, enter the name of the check recipient. The name in this field does not require a corresponding vendor code.
  6. Complete the Address field with the recipient's applicable information. If the direct check's recipient has a vendor code within the software, this field will populate automatically.
  7. In the Check date field, enter the check's date, which is typically the same as the date entered in the G/L date field.
  8. In the Amount field, enter the dollar value of the check.
  9. In the Memo field, enter a note regarding the reason for the direct check.
  10. In the G/L account field, enter which account the direct check will be associated with. If the code is a Job Cost account code, then Spectrum with also prompt for a job and phase.
  11. Click OK until the cursor returns to the Bank account code field.
  12. Click thePreview button. The Print Direct Check screen displays.
  13. Complete the Bank account code and Check number fields accordingly.
  14. Click the Preview button. The Direct Check Entry screen will display once the check has printed.
  15. Click Update, which causes the check to update to the General Ledger. This places the check is in the Bank Reconciliation file.