MICR Bank Account Setup

The MICR Checks add-on product automates the printing of the bank account information on a check.

MICR checks are modified Crystal report files programmed to print all the information stored in the Cash Management module such as Company name and account number. It also adds the MICR encoding of the bank routing number on the check.

Once the MICR Add-on is activated in Spectrum, then you have access to this screen. The MICR Bank Account Setup screen defines:

  • The Check information for the existing Cash Management Bank Accounts needed to print in a check.

  • The Bank Accounts that have been setup to print on the Accounts Payable and/or Payroll checks.

  • The location to print the MICR Account Code Setup Listing, the Blank Check, the Blank Check Log and the Blank Check Log Report.

    Note: If you have the combined product, you will still need to complete the MICR Bank Account Setup as well as the Auto-Signature Setup. Once the Auto-Signature Add-on is activated in Spectrum, then you have access to the Auto-Signature Setup screen. Click System Administration > Security to display the Auto-Signature Setup option and then select the Auto-Signature Setup screen.

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