Performing a Positive Pay Export

Learn how to perform a positive pay export each time you process checks. If you do not create a positive pay export, your bank will not honor the payments.

  1. On the Site Map screen, click Cash Management > Data Entry > Export Positive Pay.
  2. In the Bank account field, the code for the positive pay bank account specified in the Default bank account code field on the Cash Management Installation - Bank Accounts tab defaults.
  3. In the Positive pay file format field, the file format defaults once the banks account is selected in the Bank account code field.
  4. In the From check date field, enter the date that is the day after the most recent positive pay file was submitted to the bank. For example, if the last positive pay file was sent on 07/15/20, enter 07/16/20 in this field.
  5. In the To check date field, enter the current Cash Management processing date.
  6. In the Transaction types section, select the Include regular checks, Include manual checks, and Include void checks check boxes, unless directed to do otherwise by your bank.
  7. In the Transaction source section, select the Include Accounts Payable checks, Include Payroll checks, and Include Cash Management checks check boxes, unless directed to do otherwise by your bank.
  8. Select the Preview option on the toolbar to print the listing report.
  9. Select the Export option to create an export file.
  10. Click OK.