Add a Reconciliation Adjustment

Learn how to add a reconciliation adjustment.

  1. Enter an account code, or press F4 to look up account codes.
  2. Press the New button to add a reconciliation adjustment.
  3. Select the Transaction type: Addition or Deduction.
  4. The Transaction date will default to the software date. The transaction date will be limited to the minimum and maximum processing dates defined for this module.
  5. Enter a Reference number for this adjustment.
  6. Enter a Description for this adjustment.
  7. Enter the Amount for this adjustment.
  8. Specify a G/L account number for this adjustment, or press F4 to look up G/L accounts.
  9. If this is a credit card adjustment, enter a Card #.
  10. Add any images for the transaction on the Document Imaging slider bar. When updated, these images will be associated with the GL posting and display on the GL Detail Analysis Inquiry screen.
  11. Press OK.
  12. Click the Update button to open the Reconciliation Adjustments Register screen to update the adjustments.