Account Balance Inquiry - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



G/L date

Enter an inquiry date, or press Enter to accept the default of the General Ledger processing date.


Enter the account code. The corresponding bank or credit card account name displays.

Account type

The account type for the selected account displays in this field: Bank or Credit card.

G/L account

The G/L account code and description associated with the bank account display.


The G/L department associated with the G/L account displays in this field.

Account balance

The account balance totals display on the right side of this screen.

  • The beginning G/L balance for the period displays.

  • The current period G/L activity for the period displays.

  • The ending G/L balance for the period displays.


Click this button to open the Related Detail window to display additional details for the selected transactions.