View Canada (AFT) fields - Canada (AFT) fields

While the Canadian AFT File Specifications provide the ability to record negative payments in 'Logical Record Type "E", Canadian banks do not currently support use of this feature. Therefore, unlike ACH processing, "Negative" payments will not be added to the data file when using the AFT file format in Spectrum; instead, invoices and credit memos making up the 'net negative payment' will be returned to Open Items during the Payment Update, just like regular negative checks.



Required for AFT processing

Originator ID

Enter the ID for the company or individual that initiates an ACH transaction according to an arrangement with a Receiver.Up to 10 characters are allowed.

Originator short name

Enter a brief name for the originator. Up to 15 characters are allowed.

Originator long name

Enter a name for the originator. Up to 30 characters are allowed.

Direct clearer user ID

Up to 10 characters are allowed.

Destination data centre

Enter the 5-digit destination centre number.

Returns - Institutional ID

Up to 9 characters are allowed.

Returns - Account #

Up to 12 characters are allowed.


This field initially defaults to CAD (Canadian dollar), but can also be set to USD (United States dollar).

Optional defaults

Originator info

Enter some information about the origin, for example, "A-P invoices." Up to 15 characters are allowed and anything entered here will default on the Export Electronic Payments screen.

Export file name

Enter the automatic deposit file name for the export; this will serve as a default for the Export Electronic Payments starting screen.