New/Edit Account - Properties

Use the Properties tab to enter general information about the account and contact information.



Account code

Enter the account code. The account code can be set up with short convenient codes such as 1, 2, 3, or can be designed to match the General Ledger account code for the associated cash account.


Account name

Enter the account name to appear throughout Spectrum. This would typically be the name of the bank or credit agency, for example, U.S. Bank, or the purpose of the bank account, for example, INVESTMENT ACCOUNT.

Account number

Enter the account number for this account code.


Enter the primary telephone number and fax number of the bank or credit card company.

Account type

Select an account type:

  • Bank

  • Credit card

The account type selected here will determine the fields you see on the New/Edit Account Details.


Account representative

Enter the name of the account representative and their branch/division, telephone, FAX, and email address. If the bank or credit card company has a web site, enter the URL in this section too.


Contact telephone

Contact fax

Contact email

Web site


Enter any notes related to this account.