Error - Update Cannot Be Performed Until Statement Is In Balance.

During the Bank Reconciliation Update, you will see this message indicating that the reconciliation has not been completed for the account entered in the bank account field. Verify that the bank account is reconciled and run the Bank Reconciliation Update again, making sure that the appropriate bank account code is entered.

During Credit Card Reconciliation Update, this message occurs when the user attempts to update a Credit Card Reconciliation and one of the following situations exists:

  • When the Cash Management Installation screen's Force G/L balance before next reconciliation checkbox is selected and a difference exists in Cash Management > Credit Card Reconciliation Entry's G/L reconciliation section.

  • Reconciliation differences exist in Cash Management > Credit Card Reconciliation Entry's Statement Reconciliation section. Once these two sections have a reconciling difference of zero, the user will be allowed to update the reconciliation.