General Ledger Data Conversion

Learn how to complete the General Ledger Data Conversion installation.

  1. Plan the Chart of Accounts.
  2. Complete the Department File Maintenance screen.
    Note: Complete the Properties and Fiscal Calendar tabs on the General Ledger Installation screen before continuing. Completing the fields in the General Ledger Installation > User-defined tab is optional.
  3. Complete the General Ledger portion of the Processing Date Change screen, setting the minimum and maximum dates as desired, and "current" to the actual calendar date.
  4. Complete the G/L Processing Date Change screen.
  5. Enter the department codes using G/L Department File Maintenance.
  6. Preview the department codes and check for accuracy.
  7. Enter the Chart of Accounts using G/L Master File Maintenance. Select theNo Direct cost option in the G/L Master File Maintenance Direct cost menu initially. Once beginning balance journal entries have been made and the update has been performed, select the Job cost option after cost types are set up in Cost Type File Maintenance, or select the Equipment cost option to track equipment charges.
  8. Preview the Chart of Accounts and check for accuracy.
  9. Enter the beginning journal balances using the Journal Entry screen.
  10. Preview the Journal Entry Activity Report and check for accuracy.
  11. Post beginning Journal Entries to General Ledger using Journal Entry Activity Update.
  12. If converting at year-end, use Opening Forward Balance Update to roll balances from the prior year.
  13. Create and preview all desired reports using Design Financial Reports.